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Youth Enrichment / Science & Technology -
Summer 2020

Science Explorers

Recommended Ages:

Building with an adult ages 8+.

Building under adult supervision, 12+.

The Young Inventors Kit is a child's first step into tinkering and inventing. You don’t need to have gray hair and wrinkles to be an inventor. Children are natural inventors and are curious and imaginative all on their own. Did you know that a child invented the Popsicle or that a 16 year old invented the trampoline? Encourage your child's tinkering spirit with this fun and engaging kit as they build an electrical circuit and learn about pneumatics. Your child will be designing, building, and creating for hours on end. They may just invent the next "big thing".

The 175+ piece kit contains tools, adhesives, building materials, craft items, and a 16 page Activity Guide. It is packed with screwdrivers, screws, pliers, 1.5 volt hobby motor, batteries and holder, scissors, wheels, clamps, and much, much more. We are limited to 10 kits, due to parts availability, so order yours today! Kits are mailed to your home address.

The Kit Includes:

Activity Guide

1 box to hold small items

2 AA batteries

battery holder

electrical wires

1 hobby motor, 1.5 volts

2 light bulbs

screw drivers and screws

1 pliers

1 scissors

1 ruler

1 pencil

1 small roll of duct tape

1 bottle of glue

1 notebook

4 wheels

2 clamps


plus....clothes pins, small and large cups, spools, Styrofoam balls, string, paper clips, metal fasteners, wire, rubber bands, mirror board, craft tubes, assorted boxes, assorted zip ties, pipe cleaners, large and small craft sticks, sorted straws, beads, assorted sizes of cardboard pieces, dowels, 9x12 construction paper and more!

Substitutions may be made due to supply availability.

Kit mailed directly to your home


Price: $ 85 00