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Zombie Golf

Youth Recreation -
Fall 2022

What is Zombie Golf?

Can you survive the apocalyptic zombie attack? Strike golf balls at zombies while they try to attack you. Each golf ball grenade that lands next to these flesh eating fellows scores you points. The closer the better! Take out five at a time for high scores.

Although Zombie Golf may just look like it's designed for having great fun while playing, which it is.

It's actually designed to improve your golfing skill sets.

Have a look to the below to see what improvements can be made to your game, while taking on the living-dead in a head to head battle for survival.

Skill Set Improvement

Feel for distance

Club selection

Pace of play

Shot selection

One game of Zombie Golf can last as long as you can keep them at bay.

You will need to pick the right club for distance shots and short game. You can always reload a new club while playing, but be aware, the zombie won't wait for you, they will just keep on coming!

Are you brave and skilled enough to get to the top of the leaderboard?

Rent by the 1.5 hour - $30.00- 5 participant max- if under the age of 15 years old there must be a parent present.

Call 507-387-5501 to make a tee time at our Golf simulator at the Lincoln Community Center


Price: $ 35 00