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Birth-1 Ready! for Kindergarten

Ready! for Kindergarten -
ECFE Winter 22-23

What is Ready!? Ready! For Kindergarten provides workshops and take home materials and tools to inspire and empower parents and caregivers to help babies and young children develop strong brain connections that determine how they will think, learn, and grow. Parents and caregivers attend a series of workshops each year, based on their child’s age. They learn new skills and helpful tips to nurture development in ways that foster academic skills and personal behaviors to boost children’s motivation, perseverance and engagement in learning. Ready! facilitates interactions and active learning by using movement, play, exploration, communication and all of the child’s senses-seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting Ready! for Kindergarten is a series of three parent classes per year (fall, winter, spring) for parents of children aged birth to five. Register for each child separately.  This class is for parents with children who will enter kindergarten in 2027.

9000-1 Closed

  Sibling Care Offered

Family Learning Center : RM 201
Tuesday, Feb 7
6:30 - 8:00 PM


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