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  • Youth T-Ball

    Saturday Morning Youth Sports sessions last for an hour, starting with practice time followed by game time. Rules & Basic Fundamentals are covered at the beginning of each session. No experience necessary. Colored Jerseys provided each week if teams need color distinction. Basic fundamentals are taught, along with an emphasis on low-key competition, allowing children to participate equally and to have fun while being physically active. Everyone Plays! Adapt practices to allow physical distancing of at least 6 feet Adhere to a staff (or volunteer) to participant ratio in accordance with MDH Families screen prior to bringing their student to class/camp, if they show any signs of COVID-19 they need to remain at home and monitor for further symptoms Staff will conduct visual screening on-site; failure to meet health expectations will exclude participation/attendance Opportunities for handwashing at check in and key points of activity MAPS requires that all students and staff wear a face covering when in a MAPS facility and/or close contact with another person, less than six feet. All sports are held on Saturday mornings.